Monday, 26 September 2011

Anil Ambani Income (Salary)

Anil Ambani Bank
Anil Ambani is planning to enter into a banking business through his company Reliance Capital according to Profit NDTV.
Anil Ambani is the Chairman of Reliance ADA Group and India’s Top 10 richest person having net worth of US $ 13 Billion according to Forbes 2010.
Anil Ambani is now planning to enter into the banking business.
"We have always regarded banking as a high-priority sector with huge potential opportunity, and are evaluating the different options contained in the (RBI's proposed) guidelines," Group Chairman Anil Ambani said at the Annual General Meeting of Reliance Capital in Mumbai.
Anil Ambani wants to start a world class level of bank. According to him, India has 6 lakh villages but the largest Indian bank has only 14,000 branches network and that’s why there is a huge business opportunity and market space in this industry according to him.
And after all, owning a bank is the legal business of printing your own money because the modern banking is the fractional reserve banking.
Today world’s largest banks control the entire world by controlling the US Federal Reserve.


  1. jo hai usko to chalale baki sab shareholder ko attract karne ka jhansa hai